Top 10 habits to pick up when you move to Spain

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Hit the ground running when you move to Spain! 1. Kiss In Spain, people greet each other and say goodbye with a kiss on each cheek. These aren’t really proper kisses at all! People usually touch their right cheeks together and make a kissing sound, then repeat the process on the left side. People don’t […]

A Taste of Spring

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Every year hues of white and pink flood the local scenery around Pinoso. For me this is the first taste of Spring, and usually takes place during the months of January and February when the fields of almond trees are covered in a coat of colourful blossoms. The local farmers are busy in the fields […]

Eating out in Spain – A quick guide to the Marvellous Menu del Dia

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One of the joys of Spain is eating out – it’s inexpensive, sociable and a great way to practice and improve your Spanish. Here in Pinoso we have a great selection of bar/restaurants to suit everybody’s budget. An economical way to eat in the middle of the day (from 1.30pm onwards), is to have a […]

A giant sardine will arrive in Murcia by parachute!

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Parachutists from the Spanish air forces parachute acrobatics squadron will fly a giant papier mache sardine into Murcia on Thursday 20th of April, weather permitting. Part of the Spring Festivals in Murcia, the fiesta is named El Entierro de la Sardina. The Entierro is the victory of Don Carnal over Doña Lent. A pagan festival […]

Enjoying Tarima wine – Bodegas Volver

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One of our most favorite wines in the Pinoso area is the Tarima red wine from Bodegas Volver in Pinoso. This delicious wine isn’t available direct from the bodega but is served in some of the local restaurants, including the El Raco de Pere i Pepa in Pinoso, featured in the Michelin guide 2015. Raco […]

Top 10 tips for living in Spain

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Spain is a major destination point for expats from all over the world. Figures from the Spanish government show there were 4.5 million foreign residents in Spain in 2007 – that’s 10% of the population. So for those making the move, here are 10 ways to make the transition easier. 1) Learn the language Understanding […]

Some local tipples

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  After eleven years in Pinoso I came across a bar that I had never been in before. I was on coffee but the locals were drinking something new to me; Cantueso. It turns out that Cantueso is a typical Alicante drink protected by Denominación de Origen or D.O. status which means that there are […]

Eating for tyros

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The English are ironic. The French don’t like to wash. Germans are humourless and efficient. Well so they say. But the chances are that it’s not actually true. There are some generalisations of course that are generally true. For instance punctuality is important, culturally important, in some countries and completely irrelevant in others. Punctuality doesn’t […]

BBC travel – Paco Gandia Pinoso

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The humblest paella beloved by chefs By Matthew Bremner for BBC travel 17 May 2016 Josefa Navarro was hunched over a large stove in the long, narrow kitchen of her restaurant, Paco Gandia, stirring a murky broth of rabbit and snails in a large paellera. The shallow pan was balanced on a small, blackened frame […]