Pinoso amond blossom

Every year hues of white and pink flood the local scenery around Pinoso. For me this is the first taste of Spring, and usually takes place during the months of January and February when the fields of almond trees are covered in a coat of colourful blossoms. The local farmers are busy in the fields cutting back the branches as this is mostly done whilst the blossom is on the trees. The heady smell of honey fills the air and the bees are busy collecting the pollen.

It is a beautiful sight to see here in the unspoilt countryside of inland Spain . The blossoming of the almond trees is one of the most awaited moments that mother nature offers each year and it tells me that spring is just around the corner.

The almond is an international symbol of Spain which is the world’s second largest producer of the nuts producing around 260,000 tonnes per year. As one of the most important products cultivated in Spain, it isn’t surprising that the almond, a magnificent super food, is often found in Spanish cuisine

“Buen provecho!”