The Pedanias of Pinoso

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You’ll notice when you move to the Pinoso area that there are lots of small villages close by, many of them come under the authority of Pinoso town hall and they are called pedanias. Believe it or not there 14 of them! They are quite small villages, some more like hamlets, but well worth visiting […]

Fortuna Spa Baths

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Highly recommended especially at this time of year. A visit to Fortuna Spa baths. The municipality of Fortuna surrounded by nature protection areas and characterised by palm trees, is strongly linked with a thermal spring that’s been really appreciated since the Iberian and Roman periods. The baths are one of the most important tourist attractions […]

Game of Thrones in Jumilla

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The epic fantasy series Juego de Tronos (Game of Thrones) will return to Spain to shoot scenes of its seventh season during the month of March, according to sources close to HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys. The Local Government Board of the Jumillano consistory has approved the request made by the producer of the series […]

Time to fly

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Just a few kilometres from Pinoso, on the road to Monóvar, is a small village called Hondón. In May 1938 a group of Republican soldiers turned up in the village, requisitioned the house next door to the pine tree that gave the best shade and set about building a munitions dump, a couple of machine […]

Lunch in Baños de Fortuna

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Romans and Arabs used to go for a scrub up in the naturally hot spring water that bubbles out of the ground at Los Baños de Fortuna about 30km from Pinoso. Maggie, my partner and industrious Country Fincas’ employee, and her chum Ros decided to do the same a little while ago. In what we […]

The Villena Treasure

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There is a huge ironmongers shop in Villena, a town close to Pinoso. Being the hosts with the mosts that we are, that is where we were taking our houseguests. Who could resist three, or it may be four, floors of tools, fastenings, machinery and gadgets? We thought we may even have a set meal in […]

San Isidro in Yecla

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I’ve lived here for 10 years, but for one reason or another had never visited this annual fiesta in the nearby town of Yecla. On the Saturday closest to San Isidro, 15th May, the patron saint of farm labourers and Madrid, you will be able to see a spectacular procession of floats. The floats take […]

Discover Jumilla

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Several of Country Finca’s properties are located in and around the old, historic town of Jumilla. Jumilla is about half an hours drive from Pinoso and is a town I’m very fond of visiting.It’s further inland than Pinoso, has a population of about 25,000 and it’s in the region of Murcia. It’s a wine-producing town, […]