One of the joys of Spain is eating out – it’s inexpensive, sociable and a great way to practice and improve your Spanish.

Here in Pinoso we have a great selection of bar/restaurants to suit everybody’s budget.
An economical way to eat in the middle of the day (from 1.30pm onwards), is to have a “menu del dia” – this literally means, the menu of the day. This is usually clearly displayed on blackboards outside bar/restaurants offering this option. Prices usually range from 8-12€ and this will include a 3-course meal, including a drink, bread, a salad and often tea or coffee at the end of the meal. The waiters will greet you and often ask what you’d like to drink first (bebidas), for example:
Water = agua
Red wine = vino tinto, White wine = vino blanco, rose wine = vino rosado
Beer = cerveza
Or un refresco = a fizzy drink, coca cola or fanta limón or fanta naranja (lemon or orange fanta)

They will then bring a small salad to share.
You’ll then have a choice of “starters”, though they aren’t really starters here, they are called Primero Plato (First plate) and can be as large as the main course.
Main course is called Segundo Plato (second plate) and is usually a choice of meat or fish.
Dessert is called Postre and is usually quite a limited choice, for example, flan (crème caramel), helado (ice cream), tarta de queso (cheesecake).
Then tea or coffee, te or café, but how would you like your coffee?
Café con leche – white coffee
Café solo – black coffee, strong coffee like an espresso
Café americano – long black coffee
Café bombon – coffee with condensed milk
And finally, you’ll ask for the bill, “la cuenta por favor”.
Enjoy your lunch!