One of our most favorite wines in the Pinoso area is the Tarima red wine from Bodegas Volver in Pinoso. This delicious wine isn’t available direct from the bodega but is served in some of the local restaurants, including the El Raco de Pere i Pepa in Pinoso, featured in the Michelin guide 2015.
Raco de Pere i Pepa

This morning I received an email from friends who are visiting Singapore and were delighted to be enjoying organic Tarima wine in a local restaurant there. Pictured in Singapore is the restaurant’s head chef from Barcelona.

By coincidence I also saw this article online this morning by Mike Holmstrom for the SC Times (part of the USA today network)

Tarima 2015 Monastrell, Alicante
The southeastern coast of Spain just off the Mediterranean Sea is home to the hot arid wine region of Alicante. With this climate, winemakers in this region use the Vaso system — which is training the vines to grow like goblet shaped bushes — to prevent sunburn and heat stress on the grapes. The grapes are then hand harvested to lower tannin levels and the wine is eventually aged for 6 months in American oak barrels to round out the flavors. This wine is very fragrant with dark fruit and dark chocolate characteristics balanced by delicate floral notes.

Pair with: With our recent run of unseasonably warm weather I have seriously enjoyed this wine with juicy grilled burgers, but it is also a great partner to pulled pork. Cost: $11 – Mike Holmstrom is Coborn’s wine buyer.

Full article in SC Times (part of the USA today network)

Bodegas Volver – Tarima

Producer: Bodegas Volver – D.O. Alicante.
Current Vintage: 2015.
Denominación de Origen: D.O. Alicante.

Location: Pinoso, Alicante.

Vineyard: Multiple proprietary vineyards planted in the unique terroir of the subregion located between the Sierra de Salinas, Sierra de Umbria, and the Sierra de la Sima.

Year(s) Planted: Between 1972 and 1979.

Grape Varietal: 100% Monastrell.

Viticulture: Traditional dry farmed viticulture. Organic goblet trained vines. Cultivated completely by hand, with minimal human intervention. Harvested by hand.

Yields: 3 kg per plant.

Vineyard Area: 460 acres (185Ha.).

Total Area in D.O.: 25,000 acres (9,986Ha.).

Altitude: 2100-2450ft. (650-750m).

Soils: The soil is dry and shallow, and is primarily composed of limestone, which is the mother rock. The soil is intermixed with large chunks of pure chalk. The largest marble quarry in Europe is located near our vineyards, testament to the chalky quality of the soils. Marble is the product of chalk, or calcium carbonate, that has been compressed over a very long period of time.

Climate: Continental, with some Mediterranean influence. A very unique microclimate that is the result of the convergence of the three previously mentioned mountain ranges, combined with the high altitudes, that are unique to this sub-region of Alicante. Due to th

Harvest: Beginning of October.

Winemaking: The grapes are sorted meticulously at the winery, and fermented in stainless steel tanks by indigenous yeast. Malolactic occurs in tank, and the wine is transferred to second vintage French oak barrels for ageing.

Ageing: 6 months in second vintage French oak Bordelaise and Burgundy barrels. Tarima is aged in the barrels used for the previous vintage’s Tarima Hill.

Bottling: Unfined and unfiltered.

Production: 7,000 cases

Comments: Tarima is a fresh, fruit forward, young expression of the most authentic clones of Monastrell (mourvedre) located on Earth. Indigenous to Alicante, and sourced from a completely unique terroir.

Bodegas Volver – Tarima