Visiting a bodega

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Some friends asked us if we could organise a visit to a bodega. They didn’t really mean me, they meant my partner, Maggie. She likes wine, she likes to visit bodegas. Wine is one of her hobbies, she knows a good deal about the local wineries and their products. I count beer and brandy among […]

9 Tips when moving to the country in Spain 

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9 Tips When Moving to the Country in Spain Moving to the Spanish countryside is a dream come true for many people, but only a few get the chance to realize it. If you’re among the few lucky ones, then make sure to check out these nine tips for a smooth moving process. Moving to […]

What is the Habitation Certificate or Occupation License?

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There are several terms for this document: The Occupancy License, Licencia de Ocupación, Certificate of Habitation or Certificate of Conformity. This certificate certifies that the construction has been carried out according to the applicable regulations and that the construction can be used as residential living place. Water and electricity supplying companies often require this document […]

7 Cost effective ways to add value to your Spanish home

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A swimming pool. If you afford it and can fit one in, a swimming pool usually adds much more value than the cost and makes your house much more desirable when you sell. Lets face it having a swimming pool is part of the Spanish dream. An 8 x 4 pool costs around 12,000 euro, […]

NIE, TIE, SIP, Padron, S1 – What does it all mean?

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Planning to move to Spain? Here is a brief explanation of some of the documents we use. NIE is a foreigner’s ID number (número de identidad de extranjero). It is your own unique tax number and it is needed for to buy a house and almost all big purchases, to open a bank account and […]

Driving Miss Daisy, or not!

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We bought our motor home last year and I have to say we make very good use of her, until the lockdown in March we would hop in and discover another area of Spain nearly every weekend. As most motorhomers will know it is quite normal to name your van and ours is called Daisy. […]

Gazpacho Andaluz

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One of my summer favourites! This delicious and traditional cold soup is so refreshing on hot summer days. Nearly all the restaurants serve gazpacho as a starter or its easy to make it yourself.

Top 10 habits to pick up when you move to Spain

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Hit the ground running when you move to Spain! 1. Kiss In Spain, people greet each other and say goodbye with a kiss on each cheek. These aren’t really proper kisses at all! People usually touch their right cheeks together and make a kissing sound, then repeat the process on the left side. People don’t […]

My Spanish story: Swapping the city for a writing life in the campo

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Sam Michaels relocated to very rural Spain to pursue a life as a writer. Here she describes how she adapted to a quieter pace of life and a house full of adopted animals. I’m a Londoner, born and bred, which makes me very much a town girl at heart. So, imagine my trepidation when my […]

A day in Spain, customs, traditions and rituals

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Breakfast in Spain consists of coffee with bread or a pastry. Fruit, yoghurt and cereals are gaining in popularity. You might have a freshly-squeezed juice or you might wait to order one out later. Remember if you work here, there is very little of the 9-5 timetable in Spain. The working day is either 8am-3pm […]