Many of our clients who have bought houses from Country Fincas have been working from their home in Spain for years.

People who work for the oil industry live here and return to work for their shift rotation on the rigs, airline workers often choose to live here, executives and sales people base themselves here and consultants live here working remotely and returning to head office for occasional meetings.

These people benefit from a lower cost of living in Spain, whilst still earning a salary in their own country. Instead of living in a small apartment in a city, they can afford to live in a luxury villa with a pool.

Many companies needed their staff to work from home during the lockdown caused by Covid-19 and working from home looks set to be a part of many people’s lives for some time to come. Firms do not see the need for expensive office facilities when staff can work just as efficiently at home, aided by technology and video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet.

Facebook has said it plans to shift towards a more remote workforce as a long-term trend. This follows moves by many other firms saying that employees can work from home “forever” if they wish. Amazon are giving employees the option to work from home until at least October. Barclays, have 70,000 staff currently working from home.

Google has extended working from home until the end of the year. Mastercard says the majority of its employees can work from home until they “are ready” to return. They are also looking to consolidate global offices.

Could this be a great opportunity to improve work life balance by working from your home in Spain? Here you can benefit from a lower cost of living and a better quality of life. Hope to see you soon!