There are several terms for this document:

The Occupancy License, Licencia de Ocupación, Certificate of Habitation or Certificate of Conformity.

This certificate certifies that the construction has been carried out according to the applicable regulations and that the construction can be used as residential living place.

Water and electricity supplying companies often require this document to authorize the supply of services, or to change the ownership of contracts on the name of the new owners.

There are two types of Occupancy License depending on whether they are used for new-build houses, or for second-hand/resales.


This is the license that is issued as soon as the construction works are finished, in newly built houses, or in those ones that have undergone a comprehensive reform and that has involved a modification of their structure.

That is, it will be the promoters who, once construction works are finished, issues the certificate that proves that the works have been completed. The company will present the appropriate documentation to the town hall and obtain the license to occupy that states the construction meets with all the conditions to be habitable and therefore to be considered as a house.


This license is granted when the expiration period of the first occupation license has expired, and when there is a transmission of the house, or when it is intended to change the water and electricity supplies into another name different from the First Occupation holder.

These are also the licenses that are issued in those very old houses that have never had a first occupancy license.