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About this Country House

The images of the dome are CGI / renders, they are a recreation of what the domes look like once built. There is always a posibility to see a dome which is already built and some who are in construction


Casa Altea is a house made up of three attached domes with a total built area of 165m² consisting of three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry area and open plan lounge / dining room / kitchen area.

- Main dome 79m2 with entrance hall, living room, fully furnished kitchen, with modern island and smoke extractor (except electrical appliances). A complete bathroom. The kitchen open to the living room allows us to enjoy wonderful views through the panoramic window. The large kitchen can be built with a granite bench, or similar.
- 2nd dome 43m2 with two large bedrooms.
- 3rd dome 43m2 with a large bedroom suite, private bathroom and dressing room.

- Basement 2.30m high and with an area equal to the house built. Motorized door and access ramp for vehicles. 

- Beautiful hexagonal windows with exclusive triangular windows, watertight, with exterior bamboo wood, double-chamber glass and Guardian Sun (low emission and solar protection).
- Continuous 14cm cellulose insulation throughout the roof of the house, thus eliminating thermal bridges and providing high energy efficiency to the house.
- Modern pivot front door made from bamboo.
- You can choose the interior floor between a high-end flooring suitable for bathrooms and kitchen or stoneware.
- The finishes of the walls and the smooth ceilings with ecological paint, provide a modern and healthy atmosphere to the home.
- It will also have a hot water system with solar panels and a total oxidation treatment plant, which recovers all gray water for use in the garden.
- Decennial Insurance.
- This wonderful exclusive-style home will be ready to live within 6 months after signing the construction contract and purchasing the land.

Price domes from  150.120€ model Austral (extras not included)

These homes are constructed to be energy self-sufficient and respectful of the environment. Natural eco friendly materials are used in the construction and alternative energies, natural water purification and recycling are also studied. The domes can also be changed slightly to fit your needs.

In order to build in the area of Pinoso you require a minimum of 10,000 m2 of land therefore you will need to add the cost of the land to the cost of the build. We have many different plots for sale in the area and also the areas of Yecla and Jumilla so we can show you some examples when you come to visit! (Average cost of a plot of land with water and electricity is 35,000€).

What are Geodesic Domes and what is included?

Geodesic domes are circular dwellings made with a continuous triangular structure that provides stability and firmness, as well as the possibility of orienting the windows in an energy-efficient way, which results in a large sum of sun in winter and therefore savings in heating systems. The strategic placement of visors protects it from the summer sun and therefore does not need cooling systems. The use of natural materials such as lime, graphene and cellulose, in paints, mortars and insulation, respectively, creates a healthy, warm, safe and bright home.


- Geodesic structure of treated pine wood.
- Enclosure with OSB structural board, breathable waterproofing sheet and lime mortar finish and natural finishes.
- Interior enclosure with OSB structural board, mortar and natural paints.
- Cellulose insulation throughout the roof, walls and floor.
- Triangular windows made of bamboo.
- Triple laminated glass with 2 chambers of argon gas, sun protection and anti vandalism certification.
- 2.2m x 1.2m pivoting main door made of exterior bamboo wood.
- Floors with laminate finish, porcelain and natural stone.
- Solid and lacquered interior doors.,
- Full kitchen with stone countertop, water heater and smoke extractor.
(Without appliances.)
- Bathroom with shower screen, bathtub, toilet and sink with bamboo countertop.
- Electrical installation, with tactile light keys.
- Installation of plumbing.
- Treatment plant for wastewater.
- Exterior perimeter tile of 1.40m.
- Architect project and guarantees of up to ten years.

Optional extras include:

- Fencing 1.5m. 11€ / m
- Entrance to the plot with side walls and electric door for vehicles and pedestrians, motorized and with video intercom. 5,780€
- Mechanical ventilation system, air filtration and humidity regulation with geothermal system. From € 7,500
- Swimming pool. Price determined by size.
- Exterior paving. Price determined by size.
- Basic solar panel instalation (can be extended). 8,700€
- Water deposit for drinking water. 6,000€
- Geodesic pergola of 32m29,428€

- Garage 154m2 29.000€, garage 100m2 22.000€, garage 68m2 17.000€