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About this Country House

The images of the dome are CGI, they are a recreation of what the domes look like once built. We have a dome for sale that has already been built if you would like to see one that is finished ref. CF1540.


This Bioclimatic dome property has an area of 36 m2. 

These homes are constructed to be energy self-sufficient and respectful of the environment. Natural eco friendly materials are used in the construction and alternative energies, natural water purification and recycling are also studied. 

The plot is not included in the price, but we have many plots to choose from in which to site your new dome house starting at around 10,000€. 

What are Geodesic Domes ?

Geodesic domes are circular dwellings made with a continuous triangular structure that provides stability and firmness, as well as the possibility of orienting the windows in an energy-efficient way, which results in a large sum of sun in winter and therefore savings in heating systems. The strategic placement of visors protects it from the summer sun and therefore does not need cooling systems. The use of natural materials such as lime, graphene and cellulose, in paints, mortars and insulation, respectively, creates a healthy, warm, safe and bright home.

• Housing with treated wood geodesic structure, (aerodynamic, earthquake proof, wind and snow resistant). Great durability over time.
• Covered with lime mortar with graphene. Breathable and waterproof.
• Lime graphene interior paints create a clean and healthy air.
• Windows with triangular geometry, made of strong bamboo wood, with double sealing gasket, triple glazing 700mm thick and double chambers filled with insulating noble gases (argon), with thermal and solar protection. Windows with certified safety certificate.
• Pivoting and security main door, made of steel and covered with bamboo wood. Watertight
• Continuous insulation throughout the roof and floor of the dome generates an excellent insulation, preventing energy leaks from thermal bridges. Watertight windows and front door create a space with high energy savings.
• Solid interior doors, with hidden hinges and magnetic closure.
• Fitted wardrobes.
• Stairs with glass railing.
• Electrical installation, with modern touch light keys.
• 1.80m exterior perimeter tile.

Optional extras include:



Swimming pool


Solar/wind energy

geothermal system for air conditioning

Paved/landscaped grounds

Natural treatment water system

Motorized entrance gate with video intercom


Drinking water tank

Green house