Highly recommended especially at this time of year.
A visit to Fortuna Spa baths.

The municipality of Fortuna surrounded by nature protection areas and characterised by palm trees, is strongly linked with a thermal spring that’s been really appreciated since the Iberian and Roman periods.

The baths are one of the most important tourist attractions of the Fortuna area. The water emerges at about 52 degrees C and is cooled to 36 degrees to allow bathing. It has a high material content and is well know for its health giving properties.

The Balneario de Leana (Leana Spa Resort) in Fortuna is one of the oldest spa resorts in Spain. It was reconstructed on Roman Therms and it became the most important healing centre in the Region. The healing nature of these waters was known by ancient cultures, such as Iberian and Greek and people are still visting to recharge their batteries.
Balneario de Leana

The baths at Camping Fuente costs 7 euro per person for the day. The large pool has a covered indoor area with jets and Jacuzzis.
There are lodges to rent and space for motor home parking. There is also an on-site restaurant.
Camping Fuente

The other major tourist location in the Fortuna area is the santuario romano de la Cueva Negra (Roman Black Cave sanctuary). The cave is situated two Kms away from the present town, in the Northwest, in a spur of the Sierra del Bano. The name refers to the typical soot which covers the cave walls. Here you will find wall paintings (tituli picti), which date from 1st century A.C. They show the existence of a cult of nymphs and another divinities such as Bacchus, Esculapio or Cibeles dating from Roman times or even earlier to the Iberic period.