NIE, TIE, SIP, Padron, S1 – What does it all mean?

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Planning to move to Spain? Here is a brief explanation of some of the documents we use. NIE is a foreigner’s ID number (número de identidad de extranjero). It is your own unique tax number and it is needed for to buy a house and almost all big purchases, to open a bank account and […]

Summer drinks in Spain

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In the summer in Spain, its time to slow down, stay in the shade, take a siesta and enjoy the summertime vibe and the beach. It´s important to drink lots of water and look after your skin. Also there are other tempting drinks to try at home and in your local bar! Tinto Verano – […]

Mudding anyone?

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mud bath

Have you tried the Las Charcas Mud Baths at Lo Pagan, about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Pinoso? Its a different experience and all free. Worth a go and good fun! The mud baths contain minerals like sulfur, zinc, magnesium, and bromine that are said to draw out impurities from the skin, exfoliate dead […]

Vinalopo Castles

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I’ve always loved castles and we are lucky here in the Costa Blanca to be close to the area of Vinalopó, in the province of Alicante. Here you will find these fascinating, historic buildings to explore. The Vinalopó is a small river flowing through the Alicante province, of Spain. The river, despite being tiny during […]

Driving Miss Daisy, or not!

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We bought our motor home last year and I have to say we make very good use of her, until the lockdown in March we would hop in and discover another area of Spain nearly every weekend. As most motorhomers will know it is quite normal to name your van and ours is called Daisy. […]

6 cats eat a lot of food

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My weekly pilgrimage into our local town this morning. My sixth or seventh so far I think. I asked Maggie if she wanted to do it because she’s not been out of the house for 47 days now. She preferred not to.

Some ideas for a Spanish garden

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I love my garden!  At this time of year we are all enjoying our gardens and in Spain particularly.  The weather is lovely, warm but not hot. The countryside is green and vibrant, the trees and vines are beginning to leaf. We are lucky enough live in the countryside just outside of the town of Pinoso.  The views are of the olive trees and the pine clad hills.

The history behind the Traditional Jamón Ibérico

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Plate of Jamon

Spain is rich in history and culture, with many age-old traditions still being honoured to this day. This is quite noticeable in Spanish cuisine, where many recipes are unchanged from past generations. Additionally, the way that food is produced and prepared can be as important as the food itself. Traditional Spanish cuisine includes many delicious and elaborate dishes but Spaniards get the most pleasure from something quite simple such as jamón ibérico.

Natures classroom is on our doorstep

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Save it or spend it – how will Covid-19 change your life?

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I never thought that anything like this would or could happen during my brief existence on earth. This period and its consequences will be imprinted upon the minds of millions for a generation to come. But, how we live our lives “on the other side” is a matter of choice. The choices we may make financially, hopefully within a few months, may now be very different from those made prior to this coronavirus pandemic.