A swimming pool.

If you afford it and can fit one in, a swimming pool usually adds much more value than the cost and makes your house much more desirable when you sell. Lets face it having a swimming pool is part of the Spanish dream. An 8 x 4 pool costs around 12,000 euro,

Add outside living space

We live outside for most of the year in Spain so any improvements to your outdoor space is worth it. Outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms, even a simple fire pit. Sell the dream of outdoor living and make your garden an extension of your home.

Landscaping and garden maintenance

If you don´t live in your house all year, it is easy to let the weeds grow and the property begins to look unloved and sad. Please do not let this happen, it can take thousands off the price of your home! Employ someone to keep up with the garden and plants. Try to make the garden as low maintenance as possible. Plant some native plants which need very little watering and maintenance, e.g. lavender, rosemary, palms, yuka.

Home office

More and more buyers are are moving to Spain because, thanks to Covid-19 and the trend for home working, they can work anywhere online, Why would you not want to live in fabulous Pinoso! Buyers are keen to see a dedicated home office in the listing. If you don’t have this space already, it pays to create one. If you don´t have a spare room, make an office space in any available space, under the stairs or in a corner of a room or even out of a wardrobe space.

Spruce up the kitchen

The kitchen has always been the most important room in your home when selling. Small changes can make a big difference in the sales price and it does not have to be expensive, new light fixtures, change the cabinet doors, or paint them

Tidy up the bathroom

The bathroom can have a massive impact on the price of your home. It must be sparkling clean and tidy. Consider replacing an old sink and WC and tidy up all old bottles of shampoo! Replace the bathmats and towels, replace the shower curtain or if possible install a shower screen.

Eliminate negatives

Take a critical look at your home and eliminate any cheap and easy to fix negatives. Fill in cracks, repaint grubby walls, replace cracked tiles. Put away clutter and store or dispose of any unnecessary furniture. Make sure the house is clean and smells nice. If possible keep dogs out and away from buyers during views,

Not Worth It: Anything Too Personalized

Your home is your castle but when you are selling it is better if it does not look like one. The buyer needs to imagine living there and a blank canvas with some cosy touches are best. Avoid brightly coloured walls, quirky stone clad features, ramparts, too many gnomes, painting everything in chalk paint, etc.

Good luck! Sell your house with Country Fincas