Algueña Garage Algueña Garage
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About this Town House

This large garage is centrally located in Algueña. It has 2 entrances in 2 different streets, a large entrance and a smaller pedestrian entrance. The garage has an area of 69m2 and also has mains water and electricity although they have been disconnected.

Algueña is situated about miles from the town of Pinoso, although it is a smaller town it is well serviced with banks, shops, supermarkets and restaurants. There is a large and busy market every Sunday.

Algueña was linked to the municipality of Pinoso until 1934, although it previously already had an independent parish. In this year it obtained municipal independence due to the strong demographic growth experience during the last years of the 19th and beginnings of the 20th centuries (the 1900 census showed a figure of 1,953 inhabitants). Beginning in the 1950s, there was a slow regression until 2005, when Algueña had 1,501 inhabitants.

Algueña is on the Alicante wine route and has its own large bodega on the road to Pinoso. The bodega is open Monday to Saturday 9 am until 2 pm.